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James Marsden, the best of me


inFAMOUS First Light | 26/27th August.


speed doodle of Pagan cause he’s a bloody beauty queen and I love him already!

Far Cry 4 - Screens

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Far Cry 4
-Concept art-

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I am becoming more and more convinced by the day that Gaga and Pagan were separated at birth…



Can’t remember the site where you can customize your PS4 controller. But considering from what you can only change. I found these from the top of my head to be interesting. Especially the first one trying to resemble the PS1 controller.

to serve the light. 

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The Destiny Fashion War // Exotic and Legendary Gauntlets 


Destiny - Posters

Created by Colin Morella (Scourge07)


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Destiny: Watch the first 15 minutes on PS4 

New Destiny footage reveals the first 15 minutes of gameplay on the PlayStation 4. View the video here.

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Portrait - TS3 to TS4

This is something I created for a French forum, to present each of my character. Unfortunately, I’m not able to translate all their biographies, my English is not good enough ! For each of them, you have a portrait from Sims 4, and another picture where they appear from the Sims 3 !

If you want to see all my Sims 3 Illustrations, use the tag #SIMS ART on my blog.

And If you want to see all the posts where Cassandre appear, you can use the tag #SOTR Cassandre. It work for all of my sims !